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Why Choose Mineral Casting

Mineral Casting is not just a replacement for traditional castings and steel structures but a preferred material in many precision requirement machines.

Mineral castings, also known as artificial granite, have excellent vibration-damping properties, high dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, low expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, strong electrical insulation, and anti-magnetic properties. With the advantages of flexibility, short processing cycles, strong repairability, and perfect combination with any material, it has been recognized by design engineers throughout the world and become the key structural material used in high-precision machinery at home and abroad. It will replace cast iron and natural granite in the future.

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StableTek Mineral Castings

StableTek is a technology enterprise focusing on high-performance mineral castings. Its predecessor was the Swiss Gurit Mineral Parts Division.

  • 1835 Gurit was founded in Wattwil, Switzerland

  • 1999 Listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

  • 2000 Began working on the world's most advanced composite materials

  • 2013 Started Mineral Castings business with similar materials at Gurit Mold

  • 2015 Mineral casting business established a factory in Wittlingen, Germany

  • 2015 Acquired the 35-year-old German trickes company of mineral castings

  • 2019 Gurit Mineral Castings merges into StableTech

StableTek acquires Gurit Composite Mineral Casting Division in Switzerland
Gurit's original core team joins StableTech and Inherited the entire Gurit technology.

The production location is at the original production facility of Gurit Mineral Casting Division

The 5-axis CNC milling machine  cutting the aluminium V8 engine block  by solid ball endmi
High precision die mold for casting automotive aluminium parts make with iron metal steel

Molding Ability and Integration Ability of Complex Shapes

There are differences in the process flow and material properties of traditional cast iron, mineral castings cast various in complex shapes that cannot be cast by traditional cast iron. The more complex shapes can also be achieved by using special adhesives to bond mineral castings, to obtain ideal shapes. Mineral castings have a solid ability to integrate, such as pipes, shapes, guide rails, cables, oil pipes, air pipes, connectors, etc. that convey cutting fluids can be cast into mineral castings, saving users a lot of assembly and machining time, significantly improving the user's production efficiency and economic benefits.

StableTeK Mineral Castings Test with FANUC System

Mineral Test
1. Vibration Analysis
The  Ability to Absorb Vibration:

Compared with ordinary cast iron materials, mineral materials have a higher vibration attenuation rate and more substantial vibration absorption capacity.
2. Accelerated Overshoot Test:
By adjusting the acceleration and deceleration parameters, test the optimal data without overshooting. 

Mineral castings outperform ordinary cast iron castings in terms of acceleration
3. Gouging Performance
Test Methods: By adjusting the speed gain parameter, test the data when the highest point of amplitude-frequency = 5dB
4. Gouging Performance
Test Methods: Under the same parameters and tools, try cutting a 100*100 square aluminum piece. Afterward, repeat the positioning of the frame and top surface of the square aluminum part several times at different speeds, and test the overcut of the x, y, and z axes
5. Thermal Elongation Test
Test Methods:Select the direct connection with the mineral casting Y-axis for testing.At the speed of F4000, test the value of the pressure gauge during the repeated reciprocating movement of the Y-axis.
4. Gouging Performance - TEST
High precision die mold for casting automotive aluminium parts make with iron metal steel

Vibration: The overall stability of mineral casting machine tools is higher than that of cast iron machine tools.

Temperature: Mineral casting machine tool repeat positioning is better than cast iron machine tool.
Rigidity: The rigidity of each axis of the mineral machine tool is better than that of the cast iron machine tool.
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