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The 5-axis CNC milling machine  cutting the aluminium V8 engine block  by solid ball endmi


LM Series

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Combining the advantages of mineral castings with the processing characteristics of CNC machine tools, we have developed products such as the LW series, the TC series of gantry machining centers, the Five-Axis optical machine series, and the turning-milling compound series. 



Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall


The main parts of the machine tool such as the saddle, workbench, and spindle box are all made of high-quality gray cast iron with high anti-seismic performance, produced by a professional enterprise that has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.


 The casting process uses special processing to improve the mechanical properties of the material. Castings are aged twice to eliminate residual stresses within the material. Therefore, when the machine tool is used for heavy or intermittent cutting, it has excellent rigidity and excellent shock absorption; at the same time, it has good thermal stability and long-lasting precision stability.


The design of the machine tool adopts a three-axis roller linear guideway, which the roller guideway is capable of heavy preloading so that the machine tool not only takes into account the characteristics of high speed and high precision but also has the characteristics of heavy cutting with excellent rigidity and production efficiency.


Obvious Advantages in Efficiency

Mineral casting saves the roughing, natural aging, and semi-finishing processes of traditional castings, and saves at least six months from order production to finished parts compared with traditional cast iron.


High Rigidity

The bed and column of mineral castings have higher structural rigidity, and there is no local deformation problem when subjected to large cutting forces.


Advantages of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
Mineral castings are cast at room temperature, the main raw materials are natural inorganic materials, low energy consumption, and zero pollution to the environment.


Excellent Shock Absorption

1. It can reduce the abnormal impact between the tool and the workpiece, and improve the use mission of the tool.

2. It can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece

3. It can improve the accuracy retention of tooling


Excellent Thermal Stability

It is only 1/16 of the thermal inertia of cast iron, which makes it have excellent thermal stability, effectively controls the deformation of the machine tool due to temperature changes, and ensures the stability of the machine tool's own precision.

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