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Stable Tek

We Craft with Mechanical Mastery

From Germany

35 Years of Technology 

Mineral Casting Solutions

The 5-axis CNC milling machine  cutting the sample of aluminium engine parts by solid ball


From Germany

Since 1980
Mineral Casting Manufacturers

StableTek Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2019, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and production for high-performance mineral castings. The company was formerly known as the Swiss Gurit Mineral Casting Division. 

StableTek invested a lot of resources and manpower in innovating its manufacturing technology. The specialized facility of the foundry is transplanted from Germany and produces rigid mineral casting.

The abstract scene 5-axis  machining center cutting the automotive parts with G-code data
The abstract scene 5-axis  machining center cutting the automotive parts with G-code data

StableTek imports high-level types of equipment from Germany, and STABLE-TEK guarantees customers excellent quality machine parts. The complete machining line is completed in a temperature-controlled environment to maintain outstanding quality and accuracy.

The abstract scene of CNC milling machine  and G-code data. The 5-axis machining center cu

Our History

Formerly known as the Swiss Gurit Mineral Casting Division. The Swiss Gurit was established.

The Swiss Gurit listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

StableTek began to conduct in-depth research on composite materials. 

It built a factory in Wittlingen, Germany. In the same year, it acquired the German Trickes company with a history of 35 years of mineral casting production and development.

Gurit Mold Jiangsu Taicang Co., Ltd. established a mineral casting company

The Gurit Mineral Casting department was acquired, and the core team, a full range of formulas and technologies, and production line equipment were all merged into StableTek.

The multi-tasking CNC machine milling the automotive transmission part. The hi-technology

Our Mission

StableTek Values

Live by virtue, take speed as force, and strive for long-term stability.

StableTek Vision

Become the benchmark of functional components and the cornerstone of CNC machine tools.

StableTek Positioning

Customer-First, technology-based development and create a win-win for all.

The  5 axis CNC milling machine cutting the  automotive parts with solid ball endmill tool

From 3-side to 5-side and 5-axis simultaneous processing.
We can meet all your requirements.

StableTek is an industry-leading 5-axis manufacturer, committed to providing superior service and delivering exceptional quality products. We have integrated resources in high-speed mold machines, five-axis processing machines, and turning-milling machines. Our innovative approach to improving the precision of machine tools sets us apart from the competition. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are ready to meet all your manufacturing needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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